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How to Start a Weight Loss Fitness Plan on Our Own?

Weight loss fitness plan are often promoted based on promises for a quick result.

Many weight loss and fitness programs claim that they are able to produce dramatic weight loss or will even get you “shredded” or “ripped” in just a few short weeks. Whilst some may only experience some initial weight loss which usually on a temporarily basis.

“That’s because weight-loss takes time, commitment, and hard work.” says Dr. Arya Sharma, “You don’t lose fat by exercising once or twice a week; you do it by making sustainable changes in your diet and lifestyle.”

Let’s consider the following factors that hinder our success in weight loss and fitness programs:

1. The first factor is the obsession with weight loss, which is typically characterized by an intense desire to lose weight rapidly.

2. The second factor is the overconfidence in their own fat burning abilities, which means that people are actually convinced that they are able to lose weight without any help from outside forces.

3. The third factor refers to the tendency for people to workout too much or not enough, where people who exercise too little are more likely to regain their lost pounds whereas those who exercise too much are likely to put on muscle but not lose any fat at all!

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially those have no time for the gym.

That is why one should consider to do different types of workout plan within own schedules.

Workout is a personal choice and there are many different types of exercise can be used to meet our goals.

Some examples are Circuit training, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and more.

The Benefits of Workout Alone

Workout alone can help us stay motivated by making it our own personal endeavor rather than comparing ourselves to others. It takes the pressure off from us as we don’t have to worry about impressing anyone.

As well, we can take our time and not to worry about holding back for someone else by following their pace.

Conversely, we may want to tailor our workout that meet our needs and fitness level which allows for more growth in this area.

Another benefit of working out alone is that you’ll be able to fit to your daily routine without having the feeling of completing a chore for attending the gym.

Workout Challenges

There are many benefits to workout alone, but to expect several challenges.

The downside is that it can be difficult to stay motivated when doing an intense workout all by ourselves. If not careful, we can easily skip our workouts or give up on our fitness goals altogether without realizing.

The main challenges of workout at home faced by individual is time management. It is still possible to manage time on our own at home. However, with too much of daily activities going on at home, one may still find it a reason that hinder the productivity.

A more productive and efficient way to manage time is by working with a personal coach. They can help us focus on one task at a time and set clear deadlines and goals.

Stay on Track with Our Workout Plan

The key factor in keeping ourselves motivated is to have a plan. We need to set a goal in mind on what we want to achieve, and then prepare a plan of action on how we are going to achieve it.

If we have set our goal in mind, think about all the reasons why it is important to achieve. Write down what would be the success outcome on us when this goal is met or write down all the benefits of being healthy and fit.

This way, every time our motivation falters, these goals and benefits will keep pushing us forward and keep up our momentum in achieving our end goal.

If there’s one thing we must know about motivation. It’s that everyone of us need a different thing to stay motivated at a different time. We should not expect that one thing work for others will work the same for us.

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