The 7 Commandments Of Keto Starbucks Drinks

The Ultimate Keto Starbucks Drinks

A Keto Starbucks drink is a meal that can be enjoyed with coffee or tea to meet all your needs.

Starbucks drinks are well-known for their ability to fuel all kinds of productivity and intellectual pursuits. In fact, coffee can be used as a way to alleviate the stress of the day.

However, some people who are on a Keto diet may not want to enjoy any coffee from Starbucks because they don’t want any additional carbs. That is an understandable problem, but there is a solution: Keto Starbucks drinks.

Keto Starbucks drinks offer many benefits if you are on a Keto diet and looking for ways to fuel your body without going overboard on carbs, sugar, and other things that make it hard to stay in ketosis.

Moreover, Starbucks has been on a health kick for some time now. The latest drink on the menu is the “Unsweetened Black Tea Keto” which is made with cold brew, matcha powder, and erythritol.

Starbucks has also released a new line of Keto-friendly snacks including an energy bar with 20g of protein and an entire meal in one bowl.

Therefore, if you want to have zero-carb drink at Starbucks. When ordering, make sure to specify no cream or sugar in your drink.

If you are ordering iced coffee, request “no ice” when you order. For hot coffee or tea, ask for no milk or sweetener in your drink.

What are the 7 Commandments of Keto Starbucks Drinks?

1. Thou shalt not consume more than two cups of coffee per day. That is because the caffeine in coffee can increase insulin levels and counteract the effects of the ketogenic diet.

2. Thou shalt only drink black coffee, no sugar or milk allowed. This is the only way of remaining within the parameters of this restrictive diet. But it can be tough to stick to. However, it’s the most efficient way to lose weight and improve health while still feeling energized.

3. Thou shalt avoid all food with added sugar or carbohydrates, including any drinks with sugar added to them (e.g., latte).

4. Thou shalt have no coffee or dairy after 12pm. The body needs time to digest and break down food. If a person consumes a large quantity of caffeine after 12pm, the body will not have enough time to process the caffeine, which can cause it to build up in the system and cause symptoms such as dehydration, irritability, insomnia and muscle cramps.

5. Thou shalt keep thyself hydrated by consuming at least 60 oz of water every day (8-10 glasses). Though many people find it difficult to drink enough water in the Keto diet, in general, this is recommended in order to have a balance in your body. Drinking plenty of water will flush out excess ketones and help maintain urination.

6. Thou shalt not order any espresso drinks that are not brewed coffee. Coffee is a staple drink in society, but what about espresso? The Keto diet is low-carb, so the idea of adding more sugar to your drink may be out of the question. However, you can find Keto-friendly coffee from the above.

7. Thou shalt start thy day with a Black Coffee Frappuccino Blended Crème. Drinking a Black Coffee Frappuccino Blended Crème from Starbucks can provide a Keto dieter with an alternative way to get the caffeine they need. The drink has a coffee flavor and is low in carbs, sugar, and calories which makes it an ideal drink for anyone on the diet.

What is the Best Keto drink at Starbucks?

There are many options to choose from but the best drink would have to be the Vanilla Cream Frappuccino.

The Frappuccino has a low sugar content of 13g, which is lower than any other drink on the list. It contains no artificial ingredients and tastes really good, which is why it’s the best Keto drink at Starbucks.

On the other hand, one drink on the Starbucks menu that meets Keto guideline is their Pink Drink. Made with coconut milk and topped with strawberries, this refreshing summer drink is low in carbs and high in healthy fats.

Ordering a Keto white at Starbucks can be a complicated task. Most of the time there’s no latte option, which is what Keto white drinkers prefer. To get a Keto white at Starbucks, order a regular iced coffee, add heavy cream and sugar free vanilla syrup to it.

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