The Trend of the Century: Paleo Diet

Benefits of Paleo Diet

Since the paleo diet mostly revolves around eating anything except for processed foods and dairy, additional fats that can be found around the waist can be reduced. This will benefit for people who are of age will lower the risk of cholesterol that may contribute to fatal diseases at later age.

Aside from that, foods nowadays are known to be high in sodium which contributes to hypertension. In this way, the Paleo diet helps by minimizing the intake of sodium into a consumer’s daily intake and therefore reducing the risk of hypertension.

What is Paleo diet?

Paleo diet is the trend of the 21-st century as well as one of the many diets that have given great results.

Paleo is the short form of Paleolithic, the Paleolithic era. In other words, Paleo diet takes us to the origins of human diet. Paleo diet revolves around a diet which consists of mainly meat, fish, vegetables and fruit excluding milk and dairy.

How do I Paleo diet?

Paleo diet unlike other diets do not require a specific amount of food intake but emphasizes towards the substance that you are digesting.

Of course, exercise is not to be neglected as well as moderate consumption.

Things to take note of

Paleo diet requires fresh goods and quality time and energy. Therefore, this diet may be time consuming for people who are busy in their daily lives.

That being said, the Paleo diet is not to be confused with raw food diet.

The body of some people may not be able to adapt to the diet especially a sudden change from common consumption of unhealthy foods.

Our take on the topic

Paleo diet do seem to be giving positive results for most people after certain researches. Besides that, the Paleo diet has also seem to be promising to natives that consumes processed foods like Americans. Americans today are seem to be having an unhealthier diet compared to Americans in the past.

Of course, the internet is still at a debate with that topic.

However, it is best to consult your doctor before any significant dietary change.

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