This exercise is the Holy Grail for flat tummies

When it comes to body transformation, many people often neglect the other part of our abdominal muscles. Most workouts are targeted to the external part of the abdominal muscles. But the vacuum exercise targets the internal part of the abdominal muscles.

How it works:

First, you are to inhale with your diaphragm for about 3 seconds. After that, exhale out all of the air to the point you could feel your stomach empty with air. Simultaneously, suck in your stomach without inhaling air. After that is done, you are now expected to hold it for around 15-20 secs. Repeat for a few times.

This exercise will allow your inner abdomen muscles to contract, working it out.

How I use it:

I use it as a exercise that I include in my workouts. After following the YouTube workouts that I follow on YouTube, I include it at the end of the video before performing my stretches. Note that the vacuum exercise is done in 30secs.

I realised that using it helped me reduce the inches around my waist in a short period of time and ever since then, this has been the holy grail of my workouts.

Aside from making your tummy flat, I noticed that vacuum exercises help to increase inhalation capacity. Which means helps you to breathe better in a way. Aside from that, this exercise will allow your inner abdomen muscles to contract, working it out. This exercise also helps to relieve back aches as well as improve posture.

How long did it take for the results:

It took me about 14-15 days which is around 2 weeks to see the results. If you want visible results in a short period of time, you should include diets as well. However, it is safe to note that certain diets should not be advised since it does more harm than good.

I hope this helps!

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