When Is The Best Time to Lose Weight?


Have you ever tried to wake up early in the morning just to exercise hoping that you will lose some weight? However, at the end it’s always you feeling 10x more bloated than usual? Well, I have the solution to your question.

When is the best time to lose weight? The best time for a weight loss workout to lose weight fast would be around 2-6pm. Exercising in the morning requires a lot of energy just to lose some weight whereas exercising in the evening provides more energy.

The Most Beneficial Time for a Workout

Personally, I find that the best time for a weight loss workout to lose weight fast is around 5-6pm. This time of the day provides you an extra energetic push that helps you to get through your workouts in a swift and feeling an energetic boost at the end of the session.

My daily workout routine that has helped be to burn carbs and lose weight are 6 Mins of Abs, 20 Mins of legs and 15 Mins of Cardio.

Putting the cardio at the last part of the workout regime helps by ensuring I’m able to train my abs and legs at its best allowing me to focus on the target muscles.

If you have done all of that and wonder, why do I still LOOK bulky or rounded and you want a more sleek, slim look, I would recommend stretches. I found out that by including stretches at the end of each of my workouts, I am able to elongate my muscles. Therefore, I wouldn’t have to afraid of my thighs bulking up at the end of each leg workout. Stretches also helps in releasing tense muscles that might occur from a stressed working environment.

I would also love to include a few of my favorite smoothie recipes that helps in weight loss so go and check it out!

If you have reached to the end of this blog, I would love to know if you have tried the tips I have wrote as well as the other tips on my post. If you have, do let me know, I would love to hear from you!

Stay healthy, stay healthy, till next time!

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