Pinterest Workout: Do They Work?

My experience:

Before I started entering the world of Youtube workouts, Pinterest workouts was my first exposure. There are several workout regimes on Pinterest that helps do the work for the people around me so one day I decided to take a shot. However, when it comes to me, that wasn’t the case. Instead of being able to tone up or lose weight, I was bulking up. I could see a large change in my body and that bothered me. At that point, the motivation I had for working out died out and I was back to square one.

So, after several years of searching for the answer, I have finally found the solution.

First. The first type of workout that I found in the category: Pinterest Workout was repetition workout and not time-based workout. Personally, this the repetition workout plan had made me bulk up without knowing. While time-based workout had shown me results.

Second. I do not have a dietary plan like some people. Therefore, my weight loss process is a little slower. I do still munch on snakes so that might contribute to it.

My take on it :

Honestly, I am very comfortable with how I am working out right now, the results are also showing. I have nothing negative to comment. However, if you are starting your workout journey, it is good for you to try things out and see what type of workouts fit you best. Is it Timed-based workouts or Rep-based Workouts? How does your body react to them? There are plenty of results that Google has to offer to your questions.

Next post will be on How I found out what workouts changed my life! Stay tuned, stay safe, stay active and healthy!

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