What workout changed my life? How did I find out?

In my last post, we covered on Pinterest Workouts and whether do they work. Today, we will be talking about what workout changed my life? how did I find out? As well as how I went from 134 lbs to 123 lbs.

I used to use a waist trainer at first. Yes, those fabric-elastic like waist wraps that goes around your belly to give you that ‘hourglass’ waist. I knew it was time to exercise and sweat when my waist trainer broke. So, I downloaded an app and followed the workouts found on it. Each day after school, I would workout following what the app has set for me.

What I learned:

I found out that stretching is a crucial step in order to prevent bulking up. Stretches like Cobra stretch and lying side stretch had helped me a lot. I usually stretch for 30 secs for each of the stretches. After a week or two, I noticed that my obliques do not bulk up.

Aside from the upper body, I struggle most with my lower body. A little too much movement or tension and my legs would easily bulk up. The legs were a problem to me personally and the fear of getting bigger legs are my biggest concern. Up until recently, I discovered Pamela Reif’s workouts on YouTube which helped me greatly. One of my favourites is her Ed Sheeran- South of the Border Leg Workout. It might be short but this helped a lot if you exercise regularly.

The stretches that Pamela Reif offers are great too! Stretches like her 8 Minute Leg Stretch helped to loosen up your tensed after-workout muscles.

Well, we have come to the end of this topic, next topic will be Do Cheat Days Work? My Take On It. Till then. Stay tuned, stay safe, stay active and healthy!

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